NBA Finals

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The time of year approaches, the time of year where champions are made. We are nearing the end of the NBA regular season, an exciting time of year for sport fans. A time of year filled with hope, doubt, and disappointment as we watch our favorite teams clash head to head, and the power houses take on the underdogs. Only one question remains, who will come out on top?

At the beginning of the season a majority of NBA fans would have said the exact same thing—“the finals are just going to be a repeat of the past two years, Golden State and Cleveland.” Of course both of these two teams play on another level, but nearing the end of the regular season we see something that may be a bit of a concern for people who made this proclamation. Both the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors are looking to end out their seasons on a losing streak.

During the month of March, Lebron James clocked in 10 losses, which marks only the second time in his entire 13 year career where his team had double digit losses in one month. Could Lebron be on the decline of his career, or will the King continue to reign?

After their newly added player Kevin Durant went out with a knee injury, the Warriors immediately lost five of their next seven games. Like the saying, “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket” the Warriors should have considered keeping the depth of their bench, instead of investing all that they had in a player who isn’t in the best physical condition (a bit of time in the weight room would have prevented that hyperextended knee). The Warriors also lack a true clutch player, with Klay Thompson being their most reliable asset late in playoff runs. Now such a big statement can’t be said without reason behind it. As for the case for the two time MVP, Curry has a reputation of being virtually nonexistent in a conference finals, and more importantly, the championship. Curry was carried to the finals on the coattails of Kay Thompsons record breaking 11 3-point shots in game six of last years Western conference finals. Durant on the flip side, has only made one finals appearance but overall ended up giving Lebron his first ring. Since then, he has never returned. Klay Thompson is the heart of the team when it truly matters.

Unpredictable things happen in sports. This is overall what keeps us fans coming back for more. Because of this, we can only speculate on what might be, until it turns to history.