First Time Athletes

Sports are something unlike any other. They provide a social outlet as well as a way to stay in shape and do what you love. Many new Astoria High students decided to try out Track and Field as their Spring sport. Here is a guide on what to expect and the thoughts of your fellow teammates.

Many freshmen were concerned about the difficulty of high school sports versus the sports they have played in previous years. Freshman Taileigh Cole explained, “The will to win is still the same as last year although the level of competitiveness is what changed.” This one statement explains high school sports perfectly. When the competition rises so does your strive to work harder to win, not just the difficulty. This should bring a lot of excitement to the people that have always wanted to try track but never knew the details.

Track is the best combination of physical activity and friends. Tons of people join track for its great environment. Freshman Abby Albright said, “Out of all the Spring sports, I chose to do track just because of how inviting the atmosphere was and how I could have fun with my friends.” Track is not only a good way to get better at your specific events but also to meet new people. With a variety of events, it allows you many opportunities to meet and race against students from schools all across the state.

Track can be intimidating due to the amount of running involved, but many students use track as a way to stay in shape for other sports. “Track is an easy way of staying in shape and growing stronger for next football season,” Junior Marco Velasquez stated. A great number of football athletes decided to join track with the helpful hand of coach Rub looking out for the benefits of both teams. Track is very inviting with the help of the many supportive coaches. It is a great sport everyone should test out at least once. The sport will give you a way to meet new people, stay in shape, and have fun all at once.