Preparing for World War 3

If you haven’t been living under a rock then you’ve been hearing speculation about World War 3 coming upon us. This isn’t an article, however, that will give you the facts about the situation. Instead, it tells you how to be prepared and the procedures to obtain maximum secureness when it happens. Of course, as it stands, the type of world we’ll be living in if all hell breaks loose is some kind of nuclear wasteland (realistically we’ll all be taken out though). So the obvious first step would be to, you know, gather food and water (that’s a given). Another step would be to obviously, and simply, not die. Now that entails many different things from not being shot, to not stepping on a rusty nail and getting tetanus (which is harder than you may think, especially with everything being blown up and everywhere). The last step is to continue to survive. Now, that kind of entails both steps that have already been named but, being a larger idea, it also entails quite a bit more. This can be anything from being able to scavenge for food, to being able to fight for your life when it depends on it.

Now for present day, pre-nuke; the only thing you can really do prepare is to just stock up on food. All of these are very simplistic things, but yet still prove to be hard things to obtain. The truth is, people are genuinely worried about this. We very well may be on the brink of another World War, and the fact that this is even an idea or a possibility is terrifying. It really conveys this ideology, and how extreme it’s gotten, of ‘Us vs. Them’. The idea that you must be better than the person next you, or your group has to be better than another. As a nation we feel that we need to be the powerhouse country, when we’ve had to borrow unbelieveable amounts of money from other countries just to get to the place we are today (which still isn’t that great). World War 3 is a legitimate issue facing us and the world, and honestly there’s not much that we can do to prevent it. At this point we just have to be prepared for the worst.