Music Review: Childish Gambino

By now, everyone knows who Donald Glover is. His stage name is Childish Gambino, and not only is he a great musician, but he’s also a comic and an actor. His latest album “Awaken, My Love!” was definitely one to remember. The album’s production was wonderful, aiming directly for the cosmos depicted on the stunning artwork. The album’s first track and leading single “Me and Your Mama” is a comforting, slower song showing off Donald’s impressive falsetto. The tracks are filled with unique instruments, like the xylophone on “Terrified.” Too many, however are simply just for sentiment. The song “Riot” isn’t riotous, he screams a little, but only to fulfill a pre-ordained funk quota. There are also a few indistinguishable tracks that feel like retreads; “Have Some Love” sounds way too close to the Funkadelic's “Can You Get to That.”

Donald’s greatest talent is his apparent ease to perform. He’s skilled enough to be able to figure out how to exceed in something and, mostly, be able to seem like he knows what he’s doing. Although he never truly raps about anything, his flow is still unbelievable and he seems to be able to easily switch it up on a dime. He has obviously absorbed a great deal of musical history. Although he still has a ways to go, he’s by far one of the most popular rappers and most respected of our day. This album is highly recommended to listen to if you want an easy listen. It’s an easy to listen to, soothing album, that at times will make you throw your hands in the air and nod your head furiously.

While Donald Glover is a great musician, making music that appeals to most people, he’s also a huge advocate for social equalities involving whites and blacks. He recently sent out a long string of tweets resembling a poem in which he speaks his mind about the racial inequality. In these strain of tweets he says things such as, “I hope I’m so white they let my friend out of jail sooner,” and “I hope I’m so big and white my cousin wasn’t shot and stabbed twice in the neck twice last month.” All in all Donald Glover is a great musician and someone who uses his fame for equal rights among the citizens of America which contributes to his success.