Music Review: Childish Gambino

By now, everyone knows who Donald Glover is. His stage name is Childish Gambino, and not only is he a great musician, but he’s also a comic and an actor. His latest album “Awaken, My Love!” was definitely one to remember. The album’s production was wonderful, aiming directly for the cosmos depicted on the stunning artwork. The album’s first track and leading single “Me and Your Mama” is a comforting, slower song showing off Donald’s impressive falsetto. The tracks are filled with unique instruments, like the xylophone on “Terrified.” Too many, however are simply just for sentiment. The song “Riot” isn’t riotous, he screams a little, but only to fulfill a pre-ordained funk quota. There are also a few indistinguishable tracks that feel like retreads; “Have Some Love” sounds way too close to the Funkadelic's “Can You Get to That.”

Donald’s greatest talent is his apparent ease to perform. He’s skilled enough to be able to figure out how to exceed in something and, mostly, be able to seem like he knows what he’s doing. Although he never truly raps about anything, his flow is still unbelievable and he seems to be able to easily switch it up on a dime. He has obviously absorbed a great deal of musical history. Although he still has a ways to go, he’s by far one of the most popular rappers and most respected of our day. This album is highly recommended to listen to if you want an easy listen. It’s an easy to listen to, soothing album, that at times will make you throw your hands in the air and nod your head furiously.

While Donald Glover is a great musician, making music that appeals to most people, he’s also a huge advocate for social equalities involving whites and blacks. He recently sent out a long string of tweets resembling a poem in which he speaks his mind about the racial inequality. In these strain of tweets he says things such as, “I hope I’m so white they let my friend out of jail sooner,” and “I hope I’m so big and white my cousin wasn’t shot and stabbed twice in the neck twice last month.” All in all Donald Glover is a great musician and someone who uses his fame for equal rights among the citizens of America which contributes to his success.

Preparing for World War 3

If you haven’t been living under a rock then you’ve been hearing speculation about World War 3 coming upon us. This isn’t an article, however, that will give you the facts about the situation. Instead, it tells you how to be prepared and the procedures to obtain maximum secureness when it happens. Of course, as it stands, the type of world we’ll be living in if all hell breaks loose is some kind of nuclear wasteland (realistically we’ll all be taken out though). So the obvious first step would be to, you know, gather food and water (that’s a given). Another step would be to obviously, and simply, not die. Now that entails many different things from not being shot, to not stepping on a rusty nail and getting tetanus (which is harder than you may think, especially with everything being blown up and everywhere). The last step is to continue to survive. Now, that kind of entails both steps that have already been named but, being a larger idea, it also entails quite a bit more. This can be anything from being able to scavenge for food, to being able to fight for your life when it depends on it.

Now for present day, pre-nuke; the only thing you can really do prepare is to just stock up on food. All of these are very simplistic things, but yet still prove to be hard things to obtain. The truth is, people are genuinely worried about this. We very well may be on the brink of another World War, and the fact that this is even an idea or a possibility is terrifying. It really conveys this ideology, and how extreme it’s gotten, of ‘Us vs. Them’. The idea that you must be better than the person next you, or your group has to be better than another. As a nation we feel that we need to be the powerhouse country, when we’ve had to borrow unbelieveable amounts of money from other countries just to get to the place we are today (which still isn’t that great). World War 3 is a legitimate issue facing us and the world, and honestly there’s not much that we can do to prevent it. At this point we just have to be prepared for the worst.

Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

The Guardians are back and more awesome than ever. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has recently hit theatres and it is creating an amount of hype that has not been around for a Marvel movie recently. Chris Pratt is reprising his role of Peter Quill (aka Star-Lord) with many other stars returning to continue their roles, including Dave Bautista as Drax, Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon and Zoe Saldana as Gamora. The plot has added a sort of twist as the guardians continue to do what they do best.

The story starts with the Guardians getting hired by an alien race called the Sovereign to protect a type of precious batteries from invaders. When they find out that Rocket stole the items they were supposed to protect, the Sovereign goes out to get their revenge on the Guardians. While on the run, they encounter many new faces and old faces. While on the run, Star-Lord finds out the answer to a life-long question that is referred to in the first film, who his real father is. Kurt Russell is a new character in the movie as Ego, who plays an important role in the film.

I have always liked Chris Pratt’s interpretation of Star-Lord. He is one of those characters that you really can’t hate. He is, by far, one of the most loveable characters in the movie (other than baby Groot of course).

Overall, the film was very well done in terms of the plot and special effects. It was very impressive how they made Kurt Russell look younger to fit into his character. On a scale of 1 to 10 this movie was about an 8.5-9 in terms of how it all fit together. There were some bits in the movie that I didn’t feel were super important to the film. However, I do recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of Marvel or anyone who likes action and comedy in one film.

Spring Fashion Tips

Everyone knows spring is full of color; we’re not fully into summer yet, but we are so close! It’s time to take off the many layers, scarves, and ugg boots. Let’s get ready for cute tee’s, colored jeans, and spring accessories. (We still have to keep in mind this is the coast. It is still going to rain so keep a rain jacket handy.) It’s nice being able to live on the coast where you are free to express your true self, so why not do it in style? Here are some cute fashion tips that are cute, comfortable, and affordable!




Tops: Now that’s it’s starting to get a little warmer, we can actually cut down on the layers and start wearing some cute tops that have just been sitting at the bottom of our drawers all winter long. Unless you’re looking for a new wardrobe, Pacsun is a perfect store to shop at for some cute rompers, graphic tees, and cute bathing suits to get ready for summer!




Bottoms: If you are wanting to be bold and wear a pair of colorful\neon jeans, make sure that you wear a neutral top so that you can wear some colorful accessories as well.  

American Eagle Jeans: $50-$60, but if you are looking for a pair of cute jeans that don’t make a hole in your wallet, has not only cute affordable jeans, but has cute spring attire as well.




Shoes: White sneakers are very cute neutral shoes that everyone should at least have one pair of. They are able to be worn with almost anything and are also very comfortable. We may even be able to start wearing some cute strappy sandals soon!

Converse Shoes: $50

Strappy Sandals: Forever 21, $13-$22



Accessories: You can start breaking out some killer shades now that the sun might finally be coming out. You could even bring out some neon colored accessories since fall and winter have mellow neutral colors to have a warm tone feel. Now, we are starting to want to wear more color due to colorful flowers blooming and the warm sunshine coming out more often.

School restrictions

Students at Astoria High School have dealt with school restrictions for years now. Some current AHS students were asked what their least favorite restrictions were. Here are some of the most griped about Astoria High School limitations.

Among all of the students, seniors are unable to be in the commons during class hours when they have an open period. Students do not prefer this rule because they often use the commons area to complete school assignments. When the vice principal, Mrs. Donovan, was asked why this restriction is in place, she said it is because students use the area for a socialization spot more than an academic spot.

Office hours is another issue for students. Office hours is a time after lunch on Thursdays that all students are required to be on campus for and are encouraged to get academic help from teachers. Some students wish to have this time be an extended lunch considering lunchtime is only 35 minutes. Unfortunately, that cannot happen because the high school is required to have a certain amount of “in class time.” The school uses office hours to meet the state requirement for that time.

Cell phones have also been an issue for a while now. The AHS staff made a decision to officially have restrictions of cell phones. Essentially they are cracking down on cellphone usage in the classroom environment. Although not all teachers enforce this rule all the time, students still have grief over the policy.

The High School has random tardy sweeps throughout the year. Typically these sweeps are during the period right after lunch. Considering the short 35 minute lunch time, lots of students get caught in the tardy sweep and subsequently get a detention. Donovan was asked what the reason for the sweeps is. She mentioned it is because too many students are late and action needs to be taken to prevent tardiness.


Hungry HS

Subway is a great lunchtime spot for Astoria High Schoolers with their great food quality, price, and convenience.

Subway is known for its nutritious sandwich options like chicken, steak, vegetables, and great breads to choose from. Astoria High student David Merry says, “no fast food place can compare to its fresh food, and high quality.” Subways prides itself in its food always being fresh and flavorful, it's considered by most one of the healthiest fast food restaurants.

Subways prices are good, with footlongs costing anywhere from 6 to 8 dollars, there is a six dollar footlong of the day, every day of the week. If you're not too hungry, six-inch sandwiches are a good way to go, costing about 4 to six dollars.

 The food prices fit well in most high schoolers budgets, and when comparing it to other restaurants like Mcdonalds or Burger King you will find the prices to be more than fair, considering the food quality.

Subway is only a few minutes away from the high school by car. You wouldn’t need to worry about being late to class. When eating at Subway you have options, and lots of them. The sandwich options are almost endless, turkey, ham, pepperoni, salami, chicken breast, bacon, sausage, meatballs, pastrami,cheddar, mozzarella, swiss, pepper jack, american, provolone, and many more.

I would highly suggest Subway as a lunchtime must for Astoria highschoolers.

Movie Review-La La Land

La La Land is one of the most acclaimed movies of the year, with numerous major awards, including multiple Oscars. The film stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. It takes place in present day Southern California. It was a fantastic musical incorporating all types of music, with jazz and some pop aspects most evident throughout.

Ryan Gosling plays Sebastian, a young down-on-his-luck piano player who goes around looking for jobs entertaining people with his talents just to be able to pay the bills and striving to achieve his dream of owning a jazz club in California. He makes a quick encounter in traffic with Mia (played by Emma Stone), a barista at a coffee shop trying to pursue an acting career. As fate has it, they meet later when he is performing at a party she is attending. Their relationship soon turns into a special bond. He shows her the true beauty of jazz while she tries to help both of them follow their dreams. The movie features the song, “City of Stars” performed by both Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.

My favorite scene in the entire movie was a part where Sebastian takes Mia to a jazz club in Los Angeles after she says that she doesn’t like jazz. He explains to her why jazz is so beautiful. He tells her the performances by the jazz group change every night; everything in the music has a new style in its own way all of the time.

The overall film was amazing. The plot amazed me and the type of music the movie used had such a good feeling to it. The ending confused me at first, but then it made sense and it was very emotional and heartfelt. I did not even realize how long the movie really was because of how well it seemed to flow together. La La Land became one of my favorite movies. The overall rating I give it is a 9 out of 10. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes musicals, or even to people who just love music in general.


       Saturday, March 25    You’ll start your journey by leaving Astoria and driving to Ecola State Park where you’ll encounter a marvelous view of the coast and a hike to the beautiful coves of Crescent and Indian Beach. After a hike, you’ll reward yourself with a visit to the famous Bruce’s Candy kitchen in Cannon Beach. Explore Haystack Rock tidepools at lowtide and then head over to Oswald State Park for a walk through the ancient old-growth forests and a peek at the surf gem, Short Sands Beach. You’ll end the day by camping at Nehalem Bay State Park.       Sunday, March 26    A long drive well worth the breathtaking views will take you from Nehalem to Yachats. Along the way, stop at the Tillamook Cheese Factory for some incredible cheese and Pacific City beach to run down an enormous sand dune. The next stop is Newport, where you will visit a collapsed see cave rightly named Devil’s Punch Bowl. Right outside of Yachats, you’ll pitch your tent at lovely Beachside State Recreation Site.       Monday, March 27    Your next stop is Cape Perpetua, which provides some extraordinary views as rock and sea combine to make geographical phenomena such as Thor’s Well and Devil’s Churn. Florence follows, where you can grab a bite and some shots at the Heceta Head Lighthouse and BBQ. Save 14 dollars to visit and tour the Sea Lion Caves, the largest sea caves in America. You’ll get a chance to rest your feet as you drive, taking Route 126 to campground Shamrock Village in Eugene.        Tuesday, March 28    After stretching your legs on one of Eugene’s lovely river trails, you’ll be driving three hours to the storybook town of Ashland where you can take your pick of visiting the wooded Lithia Park, exploring the quaint downtown shops, and of course attending a world-class Shakespeare play. Spend the night on the campground on the banks of Emigrant Lake just south of Ashland.       Wednesday, March 29    As you journey from Ashland to Crater Lake this morning, don’t be afraid to stop by the multiple trails and viewpoints of Umpqua National Forest. Save the best for last as you explore the phenomenal Crater Lake with it’s sheer cliffs, dainty islands, and crystal blue color. Take Crater Lake North Highway to your home for the night, the Diamond Lake Campground.        Thursday, March 30    Wake up to a hike along a trail to the jagged Mount Thielsen, or through the forest along it’s base, or even around the serene Diamond lake, reflecting them both. As you drive to Bend, visit the Lava Lands Visitor Center and the High Desert Museum for a chance to learn about and explore the incredible volcanic landscape. Before crashing at Tumalo State Park, enjoy the unique night scene as both rustic and urban cultures clash in downtown Bend.       Friday, March 31    Hike the Deschutes River trail that takes you through Bend’s pines forests, lava beds, and downtown. Instead of taking off right to Mount Hood, take a detour to the western-style town of Sisters for some famous cinnamon bread at the Three Sister’s Bakery for breakfast. You’ll take another detour off of U.S. 97 to Smith Rock, whose steep, red slopes and rugged terrain create a hiker’s and rock climber's paradise. Get off the trails and back into your car as you drive to Still Creek campground in Mount Hood’s Government Camp.       Saturday April 1    At Mount Hood, have an amazing Huckleberry shake at Huckleberry Inn and then burn it off on on the mountain trails near Timberline Lodge. Grab a sled, and ride down the many snowy slopes on and around the mountain. Drive down to Hood River and explore the Upper Horsetail Falls. Enjoy the beautiful drive along the Columbia River as you call it a night at the Cascade Locks KOA.       Sunday April 2    Continue on I-84 until you see an exit titled Historic Columbia River Highway. Take it and enter a green planet, thick with life, and natural wonders. Stop at every single waterfall and sight along this drive, from the spectacular Oneonta Gorge with it’s huge green cliffs, to the jaw dropping, 620 foot Multnomah falls. Before taking I-84 back to Astoria, you will take one more scenic corridor to Crown Point. It’ll take you up a mountain to an old observation building and viewpoint overlooking the Columbia River and much of Oregon and Washington. There, you can look back at the path you have taken and feel accomplished and proud of what you did during your Spring Break of 2017.       

Want to do something adventurous, affordable, and simply awesome this Spring Break without having to leave the state? Then follow this nine-day guide of how to make every day of Spring Break count with a road trip through Oregon, one of the most beautiful places on Earth. If you don’t think that yet, you will after embarking on this adventure.

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February/March 2017 Horoscopes

Pisces (February 19-March 20):

While working on an art project one day, you accidentally spill your paint everywhere. You are covered head to toe in blue, purple, and green paint. No matter how hard you try to get it off, it does not work, so you eventually give up. When you finally take a shower and wash it all off of you, you are relieved, until you reach for your towel and the second you touch it, it turns into a variety of colors. You discover this happens whenever you touch anything. You have become a colorful Midas. This might turn into a major problem...


Aries (March 21-April 19):

One sunny afternoon, you and your friends are bored so you decide to go on an adventure, end up driving across the Megler Bridge towards Washington. You are in the middle of the bridge, when suddenly you feel it rumbling so you slow down. You are almost stopped when a huge crack appears in the middle of the bridge, causing it to split down the middle. You all are terrified at this point, and scramble out of the car and start running in the opposite direction just in time to see the bridge swallow your car, and become submerged in the Columbia River.


Taurus (April 20-May 20):

You fall asleep one evening while watching T.V in your bedroom, and wake up the next morning only to see that you are no longer laying in your comfy bed. You are currently laying on top of a huge rock in the middle of a desert. You are cold and confused, and suddenly feel the presence of something behind you. You slowly turn around, and are relieved to just see an adorable bunny and her baby bunnies looking at you quizzically.


Gemini (May 21-June 20):

Congratulations! You and three of your best friends have won a free vacation to anywhere you want! You can choose anywhere, from Disneyland, to somewhere warm and tropical, or to somewhere beautiful and snowy. This will be a tough decision for you to all agree on...


Cancer (June 21- July 22):

One day, you are craving chocolate, so you go to the store to buy a candy bar. You eat it, and then you don’t think about it ever again, because this is a very insignificant part of your life. A few days later, your head is starting to feel really itchy, so you scratch it and are horrified when you pull your hand back is your skin is peeling off of your head in black pieces. You rush to the doctor, only to find out you have a centipede somehow burrowed in your head, and it somehow got there from that candy bar you ate last week.


Leo (July 23- August 22):

You are laying on your couch, snuggling with your adorable kitten, watching your favorite tv show, listening to the comforting sound of the rain pouring down outside, and eating your favorite snacks. You are very content, and feel like nothing could wreck your day. Surprise! Your day gets wrecked when your poor kitten had somehow eaten some of your snacks and is now puking all over the floor next to you.


Virgo (August 23-September 22):

One afternoon, you are walking your dog downtown. All is going well, the sun is shining, and you are walking to get ice cream. Suddenly, your dog freaks out for no reason as far as you can tell, until you see something on the opposite side of the street that strangely enough looks like a three-headed dog. No wonder your dog is getting so freaked out, that freaks you out too. It does not help that the dog’s owner is seven feet tall and has bright rainbow hair.


Libra (September 23-October 22):

Being deathly allergic to strawberries has never been fun, especially since your friend eats them constantly and they always look so good. You think to yourself that you should just try one, and maybe you aren’t allergic anymore. One day you sneak one. This was the worst idea you have had in your whole life. You realize you hate the flavor of them, and now you are lying in a hospital bed from having your airway swell up.


Scorpio (October 23-November 21):

You have never really noticed the lampposts in the city, since they are really insignificant objects. You are spacing out in the car one day, and see a sea lion perched on top Every. Single. Lampost. You feel like you are dreaming, but you are not. This day just keeps getting weirder and weirder...


Sagittarius (November 22- December 21):

You are dreaming one day of butterflies being the size of airplanes, and wake up confused. You go outside, and see that every single car, bicycle, train, plane and even boat has been replaced with a butterfly. You guess this new mode of transportation will be better for the environment.


Capricorn (December 22-January 19):  

You and your friends are bored one day, and decide to generate random names for yourselves on the internet. Your friends all got super cool names, and you excited to see what yours will be. You are disappointed when your name is Super Lame. Better luck next time!


Aquarius (January 20-February 18):

You wake up one morning and see that is snowing! You run outside to play in it, and are excited to spend your day off from school running around, and building snowmen in the cold. Hopefully this day will be an amazing day, full of hot cocoa and fun.

Alan Thicke's Death

On December 13, 2016, Canadian actor Alan Thicke passed away from an aortic dissection. Thicke spent the day playing hockey with his son Carter at Pickwick Gardens in California. Suddenly, Thicke collapsed and was rushed to Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank. Thicke died at the age of 69.

Most high school students only know Alan Thicke as the father to famous singer, Robin Thicke. However, by older generations, he’s most known for his role as Jason Seaver in the popular television show, “Growing Pains.” The show aired for 7 seasons between the years of 1985-1992. His most famous co-stars included Leonardo DiCaprio and Kirk Cameron. Other than “Growing Pains,” Thicke grew his fame by hosting game shows, talk shows, and composing theme songs for television shows like “The Wheel of Fortune.” His work earned him a net worth of 40 million dollars at the time of his death.

Thicke also had an interesting personal life. He was married three separate times and had three sons in his lifetime. His sons, Brennan and Robin both went on to become famous actors and singers. Carter was 19 at the time of his father’s death.

Many celebrities mourned Alan Thicke’s death at his memorial in Carpinteria, California. The entire cast of “Growing Pains” attended and paid their respects to their late co-star. Thicke will be dearly missed by the celebrity community, caring fans, and loving family.

D.A.R.E. to know

    In modern day, drugs are all around us. There is no way to get away from them. Growing up, we were taught how to “say no to drugs.” Although, we were never taught how casual they actually are. Nobody prepared us for the first time hanging out with new people and having them offer you to “smoke a bowl” with them. Same with drinking—what do you do in a situation where everyone is shotgunning but you’ve never done it before? It is different for everyone, but you either try the best to your ability to politely decline their nice offer or you do it for yourself.

    In 1983 a program was made to prevent the use of  controlled drugs, gang memberships, and being under the influence, called the Drug Abuse Resistance Education aka DARE. This program is still active, although many people have never heard of it. DARE is taught in 50 states and 49 other countries as an 80 hour training for basic drug prevention curriculum in some senior and junior high schools. I highly recommend looking into this more at, not just to see how to avoid awkward situations, but to become more aware with what is familiar to a generation before us.

    Nowadays the only prevention we hear about is from the grade school counselors showing us the difference between pills and skittles. Seeing advertisements on the television, spotify, and youtube are never taken seriously because most companies try their hardest for you to remember their commercial, not take it to heart. In reality many students unfortunately end up trying something they aren’t supposed to.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

 A virtual reality device transports you into a virtual world where you can experience an environment in full 360 degrees and face a whole new world. The process of being transported into a different reality is simple for the ones experiencing it. A person places the virtual reality device over their eyes, and on the screen a new world is displayed, either being a videogame or interactive video. The first virtual reality device ever released was the Oculus Rift in 2010. Now, in 2016 there are six devices. All differ in their quality of graphics and gameplay.

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