Spring Fashion Tips

Everyone knows spring is full of color; we’re not fully into summer yet, but we are so close! It’s time to take off the many layers, scarves, and ugg boots. Let’s get ready for cute tee’s, colored jeans, and spring accessories. (We still have to keep in mind this is the coast. It is still going to rain so keep a rain jacket handy.) It’s nice being able to live on the coast where you are free to express your true self, so why not do it in style? Here are some cute fashion tips that are cute, comfortable, and affordable!



Tops: Now that’s it’s starting to get a little warmer, we can actually cut down on the layers and start wearing some cute tops that have just been sitting at the bottom of our drawers all winter long. Unless you’re looking for a new wardrobe, Pacsun is a perfect store to shop at for some cute rompers, graphic tees, and cute bathing suits to get ready for summer!




Bottoms: If you are wanting to be bold and wear a pair of colorful\neon jeans, make sure that you wear a neutral top so that you can wear some colorful accessories as well.  

American Eagle Jeans: $50-$60, but if you are looking for a pair of cute jeans that don’t make a hole in your wallet, Romwe.com has not only cute affordable jeans, but has cute spring attire as well.




Shoes: White sneakers are very cute neutral shoes that everyone should at least have one pair of. They are able to be worn with almost anything and are also very comfortable. We may even be able to start wearing some cute strappy sandals soon!

Converse Shoes: $50

Strappy Sandals: Forever 21, $13-$22




Accessories: You can start breaking out some killer shades now that the sun might finally be coming out. You could even bring out some neon colored accessories since fall and winter have mellow neutral colors to have a warm tone feel. Now, we are starting to want to wear more color due to colorful flowers blooming and the warm sunshine coming out more often.