AHS Art Show

The art show viewers chattered with praise as they walked about the Lovell Showroom on 14th & Duane, admiring the works of students from Astoria High School. The art pieces were a feast for the eyes, varying from paintings and drawings, to pottery, photography, and sculptures. 


Brittany Maynard Cancer Victim and Enthusiast

On November first, 29 year old ‘Death with dignity’ activist  Brittany Maynard, died by assisted suicide after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in January.

Nobel Prizes of 2014

For those who don’t know the nobel prize are six awards given to people each year. The categories they’re divided in is: physics, chemistry, physiology (also known as medicine research), literature, economics, and peace.

Wildlife Loss

Over the years, the world has been facing the challenge of wildlife loss through global warming and poaching. The animals that are unable to be domesticated for a profit are being overlooked, and killed meaninglessly. 


ARC Arcade

The ARC Arcade is one of the newest additions to downtown Astoria on 1084 Commercial St. The new arcade includes a variation of games. From retro Pac-Man and dozens of other quarter games to the newest consoles out there. Visitors can go from that old arcade feel, straight to next-gen gaming in a just a few steps.


New Clubs

This year at Astoria High School so many new clubs are emerging. These include the debate club, outdoor club, and the Japanese society club. 

iOS 8 Update

On September 17th, Apple released their claimed “biggest” iOS update ever; iOS 8.  It’s intent was to create a new, enjoyable, easy way to do things. However, many people have had negative reactions to the update.



New Coaches at AHS

New coaches have arrived at Astoria High to build their legacies in their individual sports. There are new coaches in girls soccer, cross country, and boys and girls basketball. Here, we had the chance to get to know them a little bit better, and can begin to see them as just more than coaches; but as a part of the AHS family.


The Astoria High School Varsity volleyball team has had a well played season. The team is ranked third in the Cowapa league and in the hunt for a playoff spot.


This season has been unfortunate, but also rewarding for Astoria High School’s football team.

Cross Country

Running is a road to self-awareness and reliance. By pushing the human body to extremes and learning the harsh reality of its physical and mental limitations, or just coasting quietly down a solitary path, watching the earth spin beneath pounding feet, at least for a moment everything seems right with the world. 

Girls soccer Season

The Astoria girls’ soccer team kicked off the season on August 28. The varsity and junior varsity team played against Catlin Gabel. Both teams lost, but put up a good fight. Throughout the season the teams skills have improved and their personal connections have grown stronger.


Girls' Soccer Rebuilds Confidence

As the Lady Fish take the soccer field for the 2014 season, they are met with fierce competition and many new faces to the team. It could be said this is a rebuilding year, losing five of last years seniors on Varsity and also a new head coach.

The Fishbowl(CMH Field)

The legacy of John Warren is well known. As the Fighting Fishermen move homes, we remember the past of John Warren and look to the future of the new lot. 


The Tiny but Mighty Uke

Ukuleles were originally Hawaiian instruments, but have migrated into pop culture. Ukuleles have become more popular in music allowing artists using the instrument to add a different texture to the songs.

An AHS Perspective of the Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has quite literally ‘soaked’ the nation! The Ice Bucket Challenge is a promotional gimmick, involving people dumping a bucket of ice water over one or more people’s heads.

Sunscreen Dangers

Everyone knows that tanning and too much sun can cause cancer. The solution? Coat oneself in sunscreen. Unfortunately, sunscreen can be just as bad for skin as the radiation from the sun. 

Standardized Testing for All

Schools use standardized testing as an extremely effective way of determining how people can perform important tasks. The scores are then used to determine our level of competency in certain areas, which is frankly quite useful. How else are we to know that someone can read or do math?

Sports Stadium Location

The new sports complex located on Williamsport (or Dump) Road on an old landfill owned by the city has come under a lot of scrutinization from the controversy posed by the local community.

Bye-Bye Class of 2014

The school year is ending and seniors are ready to escape the confines of the brick walls of Astoria High School. They will leave behind a legacy as the Class of 2014, and whether that is a good or bad one is for each individual to decide. Personally, I think there are a few things we, as the Class of 2015, can learn from the seniors, but they do leave behind some great memories.


Where's the Student Government?

As the end of the 2013-2014 school year comes close upon us, AHS has undergone elections for new student government positions for next year. As has been a reoccuring theme from past years, it is like pulling teeth to get students to run for leadership positions. This year there was only competition for the position of ASB Co-President. The other ASB positions had either one student running or none at all. Whatever the reason for the lack of motivation for running for a leadership role has to be investigated if there is going to be true student council achievement in the future.




American Horror Story

With twisted storylines and characters that make the viewer’s skin crawl, American Horror Story has quickly become one of television’s most popular shows.

Halloween Plans

Halloween is perhaps the best time of the year for kids and young adults of all ages. Some people make plans for halloween weeks or months, before the season even arrives. People look forward to getting dressed up in their costumes, and going out with friends. 

Mr. Love: Meet and Greet

Mr. Love is a new teacher at Astoria High School. He is a part time teacher who teaches English. Mr. Love is also a published author of many books.

Holiday Recipes

When the holidays roll around, people tend to spend tons of money on decorations, food, entertainment, and other accessories to flamboyantly boost their holiday experience. However, there are also ways to enjoy the holidays without going out and spending a bunch of money.


Homecoming: Powderpuff

At Astoria High School we are all for girls’ football, aka powder puff. AHS had its traditional homecoming week powder puff game, on October 1st.

Mr. Randall: Meet and Greet

Mr. Randall is a new teacher at AHS he teaches English 9 and Spanish 1

What is Homecoming?

Homecoming is an annual fall tradition held all across the United States. It is an event where a school welcomes back its alumni. It usually lasts anywhere from one to two weeks. Throughout the week there are multiple events and celebrations. There is also a homecoming court, which consists of king and queen, and princesses and princes for each grade or group of students. The end of the celebration usually consists of a football game and then afterwards there is a dance or party.  Homecoming has been celebrated and enjoyed since the 1800s.