Black Lives Matter Calls for Presidential Debate

The Black Lives Matter network is searching for more debates to be held by the Democratic National Committee (DNC), specifically targeting a presidential debate themed toward the Black Lives Matter movement.


Haunted High School

With the hype for Halloween now dead, it’s about time to look back on some of the insanity that comes along with this holiday. Every year, the Astoria High School Thespian Club puts together a haunted house in AHS on the weekend of Halloween for the public to enjoy.

AHS Homecoming Week

Astoria High School’s 2015 Homecoming Week is coming up, and the theme this year is “All Around the World”. There will be tons of fun activities throughout the week. The whole week of Homecoming, people can dress up each day to support their class.


At 10:38am on Thursday, October 1, 2015, the first of many 9-1-1 calls was made from Umpqua Community College near Roseburg, OR.



Boy Soccer Season

The Astoria Boys soccer team finished up their intense season with a fierce determination to build on their skills and make playoffs next year.

Do sports, not drugs!

“Don’t do drugs, Kids!” Having an after school activity really eliminates a lot of free time, that might have been spent doing something bad.

Boy's Soccer

For a lot of people they see volleyball as a sport that doesn’t seem very hard, or rather child's play, but never underestimate anything until giving it a try beforehand.


Rio Cafe is Haunted

The Rio Cafe is a Latin American restaurant located in downtown Astoria, Oregon. The Lampa family has owned the restaurant for 10 years now, and Julie Lampa has worked there for 20 years altogether.

Trump Halloween Costume
AP Classes at AHS

Starting in the 2015-2016 school year, Advanced Placement English courses will be offered to juniors and seniors at Astoria High School. Juniors will be introduced to AP English Literature and Composition taught by Craig Randall, while seniors will take AP English Language and Composition taught by Clint Hill. 

Modern Monarchy

From clubs to strengthen a college application, to an after school play, we tend to fill our high school schedules with a variety of activities. Despite how jam-packed they become during the school year, we feel pressured to add one more thing to our plate: a job.




AHS's French Exchange Student Amandine Malnou

With the coming of the new school year of 2015-2016, Astoria High School has gained a wonderful awry of international transfer students, one of which is Amandine Malnou, a Junior from France.

AHS's Korean Exchange Student Minji Song

six international students transferring to Astoria High School for the school year of 2015-2016, Minji Song, a Junior transfer, is the only one from South Korea. 17 year old Minji has made a big shift in moving from her big province of Gyeonggido, South Korea (population 12.4 million) to a small town like Astoria.

October Comic Strips

A handful of original comic strips for you to enjoy!