New Clubs

This year at Astoria High School so many new clubs are emerging. These include the debate club, outdoor club, and the Japanese society club. 

iOS 8 Update

On September 17th, Apple released their claimed “biggest” iOS update ever; iOS 8.  It’s intent was to create a new, enjoyable, easy way to do things. However, many people have had negative reactions to the update.

An AHS Perspective of the iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus makes millions of dollars in pre orders, and made 10 million the weekend it came out. With a 200 dollar phone price and 400 dollar upgrade fee, the iPhone still makes millions of dollars.

School Spirit

School Spirit is something every school should have. It is part of what makes a school feel unified. There are many events around Astoria High School that students could participate in such as the Pep Assemblies.

School Shootings

Across the United States in 2014 we have been hearing about many school shootings on the news.  If a gun is fired on school campus it is recorded as a “school shooting”.  So far in 2014, there have been sixteen school shootings recorded in the United States. 

Antarctic Ship Stranded

A Russian research ship, the Akademik Shokalskiy, was stranded December 24th in Antarctica. 

Chat With Oregon Supreme Court Justices!

The Oregon Supreme Court held two court cases in the Astoria High School Auditorium on May 8. I had the opportunity to have lunch with Chief Justice Balmer and Justice Baldwin after the court cases concluded and they were very personable and interesting justices.



Girls soccer Season

The Astoria girls’ soccer team kicked off the season on August 28. The varsity and junior varsity team played against Catlin Gabel. Both teams lost, but put up a good fight. Throughout the season the teams skills have improved and their personal connections have grown stronger.


Girls' Soccer Rebuilds Confidence

As the Lady Fish take the soccer field for the 2014 season, they are met with fierce competition and many new faces to the team. It could be said this is a rebuilding year, losing five of last years seniors on Varsity and also a new head coach.

The Fishbowl(CMH Field)

The legacy of John Warren is well known. As the Fighting Fishermen move homes, we remember the past of John Warren and look to the future of the new lot. 

AHS Football Preview

The Astoria high school football team has gotten off on the right foot this season and looks ahead to a promising year.

White Out Success

    On September 18th, Astoria high school students showed their school spirit by supporting the Astoria volleyball team. The theme of the night was “White Out” and the student body showed they were up to the challenge.

John Warren Field's Future
Pole Vault

Astoria High School track athletes are able to compete in the pole vault once again because they have the required equipment. Before now, there was no event because the platform was broken and people would walk on the pad, take out the wood, and mess with the wood.


Sunscreen Dangers

Everyone knows that tanning and too much sun can cause cancer. The solution? Coat oneself in sunscreen. Unfortunately, sunscreen can be just as bad for skin as the radiation from the sun. 

Standardized Testing for All

Schools use standardized testing as an extremely effective way of determining how people can perform important tasks. The scores are then used to determine our level of competency in certain areas, which is frankly quite useful. How else are we to know that someone can read or do math?

Sports Stadium Location

The new sports complex located on Williamsport (or Dump) Road on an old landfill owned by the city has come under a lot of scrutinization from the controversy posed by the local community.

Bye-Bye Class of 2014

The school year is ending and seniors are ready to escape the confines of the brick walls of Astoria High School. They will leave behind a legacy as the Class of 2014, and whether that is a good or bad one is for each individual to decide. Personally, I think there are a few things we, as the Class of 2015, can learn from the seniors, but they do leave behind some great memories.


Where's the Student Government?

As the end of the 2013-2014 school year comes close upon us, AHS has undergone elections for new student government positions for next year. As has been a reoccuring theme from past years, it is like pulling teeth to get students to run for leadership positions. This year there was only competition for the position of ASB Co-President. The other ASB positions had either one student running or none at all. Whatever the reason for the lack of motivation for running for a leadership role has to be investigated if there is going to be true student council achievement in the future.


The High Cost of Food

When taking a bite of a juicy, mouth-watering tenderloin steak, the last thing anyone is thinking about is the vast amount of resources it took to produce that one pound of meat. In fact, it took about 1,800 gallons of water - for just one pound of beef. 

The Joy of Weird Pets

When someone goes to a friend’s house they may expect a dog or a cat to greet them, right? Well, what if instead they were greeted by a sugar glider or a capybara? I know that I would definitely be surprised and, in some cases, very grossed out. How do people find the joy in owning these kinds of pets? Yes, some of them seem cute and cuddly, but others are just plain scary.




What is Homecoming?

Homecoming is an annual fall tradition held all across the United States. It is an event where a school welcomes back its alumni. It usually lasts anywhere from one to two weeks. Throughout the week there are multiple events and celebrations. There is also a homecoming court, which consists of king and queen, and princesses and princes for each grade or group of students. The end of the celebration usually consists of a football game and then afterwards there is a dance or party.  Homecoming has been celebrated and enjoyed since the 1800s.

Foreign Exchange Students at AHS

 Every year thousands of exchange students travel away from their homes to experience a new culture. This year at AHS we are lucky to have four exchange students from three different countries. From Norway, Tonje Melaas, from Sweden Kristina Kjellberg, and from Germany Louisa Samuel and Lisa Wurfel. They are all seventeen years old and are in grade eleven. It is not obvious that they are from a foreign country, because of their great English.

Fall TV Shows

Fall is an exciting time for TV, there are new shows airing and old shows returning. Everyone starts getting excited for their favorite TV show to return this time of year.

October Horoscope

Read your horoscope for October 2014

Mr. Jackson's Trip to China

Next year, Astoria High School will be looking towards the Far East, specifically China. For two weeks starting at the end of March through early April, AHS principal Lynn Jackson will be participating in a program called the Chinese Exchange Initiative.

Places to Explore in Astoria

Teens like to complain that there’s nothing to do around Astoria except sit in their room and watch Netflix. That’s not the case! Astoria has so much potential for adventures and exploration. From the Cathedral Trail to Street 14 Coffee, the possibilities are endless in this little town.

The Straight Dope on High School Relationships

Only 3% of high school relationships last into college, even fewer high school sweethearts get married, and even fewer than that stay together for life.