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The Chimera "Twin" Condition

A statement you don’t hear too often is the possibility you could be more than one person. A few women have been faced with the very rare question of whether they are the biological mother of their child. Of course if a woman is the obvious person who delivered her baby, then the question almost seems ridiculous, but it turns out there is an actual explanation for such an odd statement. A rare chimera condition has left some mothers shocked to find out not only are they not the biological mother of their child, but the mother of their child is the twin the mother never had.

Uproar in Ukraine

Ukraine is “on the brink of civil war” according to ex-president Leonid Kravchuk. Riots and occupation of government buildings have been raging on for the past two months in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Kravchuk’s statement came a little too late as rioters begin to fight back against the Ukrainian government with molotov cocktails, pitchforks, and anything else the protesters can use. 

Cast Away Man

On January 30, 2014, José Salvador Alvarenga was found screaming in Spanish, naked on a beach in the Marshall Islands. José was sent to a hospital and treated for dehydration and lack of proper nutrition. How this man came to the Marshall Islands is very odd, and at some points almost unbelieveable.

Amanda Knox Trial

In Italy on January 30th 2014, Amanda Knox was retried once again for the murder of her roommate, Meredith Kercher. In November 2007, Knox and her ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito were said to have killed Kercher while in Italy as exchange students. They were convicted of the murder two years later, but it was repealed in 2011. Now the case is coming into the light once again by the Italian court.


Indian Diplomat Arrested for Visa Fraud

U.S. relations with the Indian government is on shaky ground, after the Indian deputy consul, Devyani Khobragade, was arrested on the grounds of visa fraud and allegedly providing false information to obtain papers for an Indian housekeeper. 

Stranded Antarctic Ship

A Russian research ship, the Akademik Shokalskiy, was stranded December 24th in Antarctica.The ship carried scientists, journalists, and tourists who were all a part of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition.

Velveeta Shortage

The cheese is running out! Velveeta shortages have been hitting the east coast of the United States. Stores along the east coast have noticed that their cheese stock is depleting, but aren’t sure why. 




Track and Field 2014

Track is off to a running start. The team has a new head coach, Garrett Parks. This year the team is offering a new event, pole vault, and will have new warmups and uniforms. Bringing back the pole vault event has been thrilling! 

Softball is Swinging into Season

Softball is swinging back into season yet again, and with a new year on the horizon there are a lot of possibilities, including a shot at state. With Noelle Lund on the mound, fantastic things are bound to happen. “With a variety of veterans in the field and a talented freshman behind the plate (Caitlyn Hougham) things should improve from last year,” says sophomore Libby DiBartolomeo.

Seattle reacts to the Superbowl Win

The Seahawks have done it. They have won the 2014 Super Bowl and the people of Seattle  are celebrating by setting off fireworks, and loudly cheering in the streets. There were more than 700,000 people  in Seattle and they were out in the streets. Because it had been more than 30 years since their first major championship, Seahawk fans may have been having fun, but the police force had an increase the number of officers in many neighborhoods.

AHS Wrestling

Wrestling is a sport at Astoria High School that doesn’t get as much attention as football or baseball, but it has been around much longer than both. Wrestling is probably one of the first unofficial sports you played, if you have siblings. Wrestling was one of the first sports in the Olympics, first held in ancient Greece in 776 B.C. People would come from all over Greece to find out who was the better wrestler. In those days wrestling was only for men and was performed in the nude.


Track Preview

Track season 2014 is up and coming in the next month and the anticipation is greater than years prior. And with the recent changes of head coaches, it also has potential to be one of the freshest. Ever since the abrupt resignation of Coach David Welsh, the question has been brimming on who the new head coach would be, and the answer comes in the crisp package of Mr. Garrett Parks. Parks, of Spanish class fame, is quite ecstatic about the coming season, commenting, “The team this year has major potential, especially in the younger athletes becoming pivotal leaders. Everybody has to learn to step up their game.”


Bowl Championship Series (BCS) Recap

 The college football season is officially over with Florida State University winning the BCS bowl 34-31 against Auburn University. The championship game of college football took place January sixth. Number one in the country Florida State University faced off against number two Auburn University. Both teams had great seasons. Florida finished the season perfectly with a 14-0 record. Auburn finished the season with a lesser 12-2 record. Auburn was the underdog going into the game but as many now know, Auburn has had no trouble pulling off late game miracles. 

Swim Team Dives into the Season

Winter sports have started and the swim team is off to a strong start. Amy Emmett is coaching for the second year, although she has coached the club teams previously. While the team is smaller this season than it has been in previous years, there are some strong returning swimmers who hope to have a solid season and make it to state.



The Astor Post Video Team searches for talent in AHS! 
In this episode, we discovered Enoch Gray. He is extremely talented at quickly solving rubix cubes, be sure to check it out and subscribe!

Video Team: Pet Peeves of AHS
Should you Jailbreak your iPhone?

Every iPhone user must know the struggle at some point; growing tired of the same old IOS experience. Every time you boot up your phone the bland four column homescreen that you grow tired of looking stares you in the eye. You cringe and launch flappy bird. Eventually you grow tired of it and feel like customizing your home screen, however there is only the option to change your wallpaper or move your apps into different folders. If there was only a way to fix it, to make it more unique, to allow you to make your smartphone to be a reflection of your own personality. Thanks to the Evad3rs(a jailbreaking community) there's now a simple and efficient way to jailbreak your phone.

Are Girl Toys Outselling Boy Toys?

Nowadays, girl toys are coming up with a larger variety and more ideas than the general boy toys. Although in the past, boys have had great toys yet girl toys are outselling the boys’ variety of choices as of present tense. Young girls are more interested in doll collections, dress up accessories, eyeshadow pallets and shiny lip gloss, talking stuffed animals along with babies to care for and so much more! 

The Fred Meyer Chaos

As many have noticed by now, the Fred Meyer in Warrenton is undergoing MAJOR renovations. The building is expanding back toward Big 5 Sporting Goods and the interior of the store is also most completely rearranged. For some, it may be exciting to know Freddies is revamping its look and structure, but personally, going to the grocery store has never been a bigger pain.

Ticonderoga Takes the Throne

The biggest rivalry in the writing utensil world is between the old faithful Dixon Ticonderoga, and the upcoming and worthy combatant the Mirado Black Warrior. Both are enormously popular here at AHS. Throughout school, career teachers are continuously telling me and my peers to purchase the almighty Ticonderoga. I began to ask myself “is the Dixon Ticonderoga really the world’s best pencil as it advertises on the box?”

No Go on GMO

Washington State’s Bill 522, a GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) labeling legislation was a similar bill to Proposition 37, an earlier proposed labeling legislation, in California. They were both defeated after a collective sum of $68 million was spent by the opposition. These large amounts of money were mainly provided by large companies, such as Monsanto who alone spent $5.3 million.




Apple is at it again! With the popularity of wearable electronics rising, specifically smart watches, it was only a matter of time before Apple tried their hand at making one. There has been speculation for some time now that Apple has been planning on creating a wearable device, and now this may be becoming a reality.

Divergent Film is a Hit

People often avoid the movies due to the matter of high prices, but the new movie Divergent, might put that concern to rest. Divergent was a definite must see, from the very beginning where the setting is explained, to the very end where the world almost ends for a special group of people. Divergent kept its audience on the edge of their seats.

The History of Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick’s Day, March 17th, has been a celebrated tradition for over 1,000 years. It all started with a man, whose name was Patrick. You probably think he is Irish, right? Wrong. St. Patrick was actually British, and spent his childhood in Banwen, England. When he was sixteen he was captured, and taken as a slave to Ireland. He later was ordained as a priest and bishop, and spent the rest of his life converting the Irish to Christianity. It is said that he banished all the snakes in Ireland and although it is true there are no snakes on the island, there never were snakes on the island in the first place. The snakes are in fact a metaphor for the paganistic ways that he drove off of the island. Despite all of his great deeds, he was not honored as the patron saint of Ireland until centuries after his death.


On February 4, the annual Mr. AHS pageant was held in the auditorium. And the winner, after all the confetti cleared, was chosen to be Fritz Fremstad. The theme this year was a Hawaiian beach front, a polar opposite of the Western setting of the stage last year. The majority of the attendees were freshman and the occasional upperclassmen, showing up to support their representatives.

The Best and Worst of the Superbowl Ads

One of the biggest events every year in the United States is the Super Bowl. Even people who aren’t fans of football end up watching. Super Bowl XXVIII had over 111.3 millions people watching, with 30 second ads selling for about $4 million.  If I  watch the Super Bowl, it’s only for the ads.  Super Bowl ads can be hits or misses.


Valentine's Day History

    February 14. To some, it is a day when the fairest of all love dust is in the air, and evenings of special events commence. To others, it is a day when eating ice cream and crying in dark corners are justified emotions . And to even others, it is a day when the master of prohibition, massacred seven associates of a rival mob. Many people do not know of the significant origins or horrific events that took place on our national holiday of love, but in turn, they will  Although the variations of entertainment differ between parties, all follow back to the origins of where the holiday began.


How To Keep Your 2014 Resolutions

New Year’s has come and gone, and throughout the world people lifted their glasses of cider to another New Year and all new resolutions. Though most resolutions are made with good intentions and a great end result in mind, most resolutions are broken. There are easy solutions to broken relationships between New Year’s resolutions and people.