Religion is Hindering International Relations

According to Andrew Kohut and Bruce Stokes of, “America is on a religious crusade.” This crusade has caused a long standing divide between Muslim nations and nations that are more westernized. International relations between the west and the Middle East never seem to improve very much, with each group wanting to change the other; unable to come to any type of common ground.


Water Around the World

Living in a town situated at the mouth of the Columbia River and located on the coast of the Pacific Northwest, the water supply seems never ending. However, the privileged turn of a faucet for clean drinking and usable water is not a standard for the lives of over 663 million people in the world.

Poverty During the Holidays

The holidays can be a time of complete joy for families, or a time of a large amount of dread for others. Not everyone in the world is able to get their children or other family members everything they want on their Christmas lists. Poverty is very challenging for a large portion of society, and hopefully I can help give some solutions to this scary problem of expectations and reality in this time of giving.


Bottled Water vs Tap Water

We all know drinking water is necessary for survival as does practically every living organism on Earth. The refreshing, life-essential, healthy alternative to sugary and caffeinated drinks has two popular ways of consumption. The traditional tap water versus bottled water. Increasingly, people are raising the question of whether tap or bottled water is the safest and whether the convenience of bottled water is worth destroying the health of our planet.




Winter Sports Pictures
Swimming 2k16

The swimming season has started with another splash of hope! Ryan Russell is a first year swimmer for the Astoria High School swim team. In an interview with Dylan Matteucci,

Dance Team Dazzles

    The dance team has been working harder than ever since their season began in November. As the 2015 4A Small State Champions, there is a lot being expected of Pizazz.



Hydropower is defined in webster as, “the largest renewable energy source for electricity generation in the United States”. In 2014, hydropower accounted for about 6% of total U.S. electricity generation and 48% of generation from all renewables. This seemingly limitless resource has been slowly been incorporated into American entrepreneurs and big businesses. The main source of this power derives from from dams.

Get Out, Cali Drought
The truth About Thanksgiving

Almost every family in the United States celebrates or is at least aware of Thanksgiving. Although, most people aren’t aware of the horrors behind this holiday. Thanksgiving stands for many things; family, thankfulness, food and much more. What a great deal of citizens don’t realize is that the common historical beliefs are simply a facade. A frequent belief about Thanksgiving is the day when Pilgrims and Native Americans joined each other for a feast in order to celebrate the year's harvest. This did happen, once.   



Effects of Gatorade vs Water in sports

Many sporting commercials idealize and highly encourage Gatorade for sporting events, promising to “replenish what you sweat out.” However, Gatorade has been falsely advertised. Gatorade is not really the miracle drink that many coaches, as well as the company itself, promote.


Saddle Mountain

We’d like to say that we found snow on Saddle Mountain, maybe even go as far as to say that there was a beautiful blanket of ice that crunched under our feet as hiking up the mountain. But instead, we found nothing short of the usual in Astoria, Oregon; a little rain, fog, and wind.

Pets Make Holiday's Better

Animals make the holidays much more enjoyable for everyone. Especially during Christmas time, pet companions are sometimes all some people have to buy presents for when they have a lack of family support at home. Pets can be friends, a child when someone doesn’t have a child of their own, or just another companion that you would love to see playing with a toy that you gifted them with.