A lot of people thing that today's technology has opened many doors for humanity but in all reality it is closing the very doors that make us humans. 

Cruz'in Out

This year, the presidential election has been getting a lot of attention early on in the race. Democrats and Republicans alike have had their equal share of support and rage at some of the remarks the candidates have made. As the United States is getting closer to selecting the top two nominees, the stakes are becoming higher and higher. Many candidates are trying to win the votes of today's youth. On the Democratic side, there is a pretty close competition between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Many people are referring to Hillary as “Chillary” because of her eager attempts to be relatable and “chill”. While others are “Feeling The Bern”, this nickname doesn't even need explaining. As opposed to the Republican side, where the representative is becoming clearer and clearer. One candidate has certainly trumped over all of the others. He has been the topic of conversation for many months because he trumpets his own opinions loudly and proudly….Donald Trump. Just recently his top two competitors announced that they were dropping out of the race.

Mr. Hill Moves On

Mr. Clinton Hill will be leaving Astoria High School this year to pursue a new English teaching job in Roanoke, Virginia at Patrick Henry High School. He is transitioning from the small town of Astoria with 9500 people and 600 students to Roanoke with 100,000 people and 2000 students.




    Throughout my years at Astoria I have developed a trend of making top ten lists, whether it be of my favorite athletes, teams, foods, or even super heroes, a top ten always seems to clearly map out my favorites. In following this pattern, I decided to make a top ten list of my favorite experiences at Astoria High School. While there are many more that I could list I decided to keep the list to ten and focus on those that will stick with me for years to come

Track is looking Bright

As the weather improves, the return of a championship track team is upon us. With impressive results in recent events, the fishermen have a bright season ahead of them.

The Madness Continues In March

Basketball fans are now one round away from the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament championship, and if anything can be taken from the games we’ve already watched, anyone can win.

What's a Color Guard?

What’s a Color Guard? What do you do? Why are you on the band’s truck? These are questions posed by nearly everyone, from teachers to students to even some band kids, people honestly have no clue what a Color Guard is.


Advanced Placement Classes

I have been having some beef with the public school system for several years now.

Breastfeeding in public is a topic that has become very controversial in today's media. You would think that as today's society gets less and less conservative this issue would get smaller and smaller. However, this is not the case. Some countries have laws protecting breastfeeding in public and some countries have laws restricting it. This topic has been the feature story on many talk shows, social media platforms, and social experiments.


How Feminism Benefits Everyone

Demagoguery is an appeal to people that plays on their emotions and prejudices rather than on their rational side. Demagoguery is a manipulation approach often associated with dictators and sleazy politicians but appeals to the worst nature of people in general. This is a pretty good description of what our political parties do to expand their ideals and beliefs on to others.



April Horoscopes
Kevin Goin Leadership Q&A

Kevin Goin is taking on the position of AHS Activities Director next year. In this article, I had the opportunity to ask Mr. Goin where he plans on taking the class. 

PSAT testing

Sophomores were faced with reality that they are not very far from the real SAT testing next year as juniors. 

AHS Winter Ball 2K16

Winter Ball 2016 was a success! The music was funky and fresh, the dance moves were off the hook, and the entire dance was the epitome of coolness.