School Shootings

Across the United States in 2014 we have been hearing about many school shootings on the news.  If a gun is fired on school campus it is recorded as a “school shooting”.  So far in 2014, there have been sixteen school shootings recorded in the United States. 

Antarctic Ship Stranded

A Russian research ship, the Akademik Shokalskiy, was stranded December 24th in Antarctica. 

Chat With Oregon Supreme Court Justices!

The Oregon Supreme Court held two court cases in the Astoria High School Auditorium on May 8. I had the opportunity to have lunch with Chief Justice Balmer and Justice Baldwin after the court cases concluded and they were very personable and interesting justices.

Oregon Supreme Court Comes to AHS

On Wednesday May 7, Astoria High School sophomores, juniors, and seniors got the unique opportunity to sit in on two Oregon Supreme Court trials held in their own auditorium. Seniors from Knappa, Warrenton, and Seaside were also invited to AHS to observe the court trials. AHS was one of two schools in the state to get to host these trials and have students oversee the court in action.

Wetland Trip 2014

This year’s annual freshman wetland field trip was a wet one!  

Rue 21 Opens in Seaside

Almost every boy and or girl groans about not having many brand name stores in the Clatsop County area. Rue 21 has now been officially opened, and a new name brand store has been added to the local area!

New Schedule

In the early morning of April 16, Mr. Jackson and the teaching staff were all brought together for a faculty meeting. There, Mr. Jackson informed the staff that the proposed new schedule that he strongly favored, considering he was the creator, will not be in effect this next school year.



Pole Vault

Astoria High School track athletes are able to compete in the pole vault once again because they have the required equipment. Before now, there was no event because the platform was broken and people would walk on the pad, take out the wood, and mess with the wood.

The Portland Winterhawks have been a dominating team for the last few seasons in the Western Hockey League. After making it to the Memorial Cup last year, but getting second place in the end, they certainly had something to prove this time around.

Track Wrap-Up

The track season is wrapping up and some competitors are headed to state. “The team was really young this year....

Farewell Jack Ramsey

Jack Ramsey was arguably the best hall of fame coaches to ever conduct a team at the NBA level. Will Ramsey be just as influential in death as in life? We will soon see with this young Blazer squad.   

Recovering from March Madness

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament kicked off on Thursday, March 20 with a couple of odd games and upsets that broke brackets at the very start and to the very end. To start off with the 2014 Tournament, the first game in the round of 64, 6th seed Ohio State falls to 11th seed Dayton by a single point to procure an amazing upset. Not long after Dayton performed some magic, 12th seeded Harvard created an upset for the second year against 5th seeded Cincinnati to continue in the tournament. Besides the two mentioned games everything seemed to go correctly seed-wise until 12th seeded North Dakota State man-handled greatly favored Oklahoma to step in the third round.


NBA Playoffs

 The NBA regular season is finally coming to an end and now teams are getting ready for the finals. This year’s season has been a great one, with no team’s spot in the playoffs guaranteed. Teams that are usually big contenders for the championship including the New York Knicks, the L.A Lakers, and the Boston Celtics are not even qualifying this year. It is the first time ever that any of these basketball power houses haven’t made the playoffs.

Track and Field 2014

Track is off to a running start. The team has a new head coach, Garrett Parks. This year the team is offering a new event, pole vault, and will have new warmups and uniforms. Bringing back the pole vault event has been thrilling! 


Sunscreen Dangers

Everyone knows that tanning and too much sun can cause cancer. The solution? Coat oneself in sunscreen. Unfortunately, sunscreen can be just as bad for skin as the radiation from the sun. 

Standardized Testing for All

Schools use standardized testing as an extremely effective way of determining how people can perform important tasks. The scores are then used to determine our level of competency in certain areas, which is frankly quite useful. How else are we to know that someone can read or do math?

Sports Stadium Location

The new sports complex located on Williamsport (or Dump) Road on an old landfill owned by the city has come under a lot of scrutinization from the controversy posed by the local community.

Bye-Bye Class of 2014

The school year is ending and seniors are ready to escape the confines of the brick walls of Astoria High School. They will leave behind a legacy as the Class of 2014, and whether that is a good or bad one is for each individual to decide. Personally, I think there are a few things we, as the Class of 2015, can learn from the seniors, but they do leave behind some great memories.


Where's the Student Government?

As the end of the 2013-2014 school year comes close upon us, AHS has undergone elections for new student government positions for next year. As has been a reoccuring theme from past years, it is like pulling teeth to get students to run for leadership positions. This year there was only competition for the position of ASB Co-President. The other ASB positions had either one student running or none at all. Whatever the reason for the lack of motivation for running for a leadership role has to be investigated if there is going to be true student council achievement in the future.


The High Cost of Food

When taking a bite of a juicy, mouth-watering tenderloin steak, the last thing anyone is thinking about is the vast amount of resources it took to produce that one pound of meat. In fact, it took about 1,800 gallons of water - for just one pound of beef. 

The Joy of Weird Pets

When someone goes to a friend’s house they may expect a dog or a cat to greet them, right? Well, what if instead they were greeted by a sugar glider or a capybara? I know that I would definitely be surprised and, in some cases, very grossed out. How do people find the joy in owning these kinds of pets? Yes, some of them seem cute and cuddly, but others are just plain scary.




Winter Ball Delay

Everyone is aware that Winter Ball was canceled due to the snowy weather that arrived Thursday, the 6th. While the dance would have been all the more enchanting with a light dusting of snow on the ground, the frozen precipitation did not cease, and proceeded to make road conditions treacherous, especially on Astoria’s frozen hills.

Summer 'Bod' Get It!

Summer is right around the corner and most people are still trying to get slim for vacation. Getting that summer ‘bod’ can be really difficult. Here's some tips to get in shape! 

Sergey Antonov

World renowned cellist accompanied by a pianist visited Astoria High School on March 21st. The cellist was named Sergey Antonov who was accompanied by Ilya Kazantsev, who plays the piano. 

Fun in the Sun!

No worries for 2 and ½ months? Maybe, and for all of those looking forward to summer, it is right around the corner. 

Good-bye Exchange Students

 Five students are planning to leave the US. Three of the five students are going home after living in Astoria for 10 months. The other two are preparing to live in foreign countries for 10 months. 

Summer Jobs

Summer is around the corner and so are teens looking for summer jobs.  These days it can be quite a challenge for teens to find summer jobs.

Seflie Situation

It’s an epidemic. The selfie-situation has grown to certain extents that not even politics can contain it. Pop culture has a new toddler, and continues to grow to become a longstanding addition to the 21st century fads. But how long will this self-portrait-apocalypse last? Considering the endurance that selfie’s have had already, it might be a while.