The TriMet Barber

With the year barely off and running, the TriMet Barber has cut again!


The annual Miss Clatsop County Scholarship Program’s pageant will hopefully be a huge success this year. It will take place on January 31 at the Seaside Convention Center. 

Clatsop County is on it's Way to Wellville

Clatsop County, along with four other communities in the United States, were selected to participate in a five year journey to improve the general health of the community.

Black Friday

Black Friday is the unofficial start of the Christmas shopping season and it has been the busiest shopping day of the year since 2005.



College Basketball Preview

While its still quite early to start growing out your mustaches and filling out brackets it is never too early to see who are the top teams in the nation for mens college basketball. 

NBA Update

With completion of the Super Bowl and an end to the football season it is time for the spotlight to shift to the world of basketball, more specifically the NBA.

Ridiculous Pro Athletes

A lot of people have been talking about Marshawn Lynch and his ridiculous press conferences, but he only scratches surfaces of outrageous professional athletes.


Astoria Swimming Dives Into the Season

Swimming is off to a good start with its preseason almost over and the regular season is about to begin.


Why Aren't Journalists Safe?

The United States has an amazing freedom within the first Amendment called, “Freedom of Speech.” Journalists must decide every day what is important and true and consider what may come across as offensive to someone else.

Seniors' Last Semester

It was a total shock realizing I will be graduating in less than six months. I’m sure for many seniors, it was a reality check that as the class of 2015, as well as individuals.

Too Much Social Media

As modern American teenagers, our lives seem to have become defined by the number of likes we get on a photo, the number of chins we can pull off when sending a Snapchat, or the number of followers we have on Instagram. 

Ebola Coverage

Since summer, America has been in a frenzy over the spreading illness of Ebola. And everywhere people go on the internet it always says to donate to the foundation that will help cure the disease.





How To Get FIt
2015 Golden Globes

The 72nd Annual Golden Globes occurred once again on January 11th.

Searching for Sasquatch pt. 2

The second entry of the comical journey of three friends on the hunt for the local Bigfoot. 

Searching for Sasquatch

The story of three close friends and their comical hunt for the the mighty Sasquatch.